CUPPING; a safe and effective treatment strategy,

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Cupping skin reaction chartCUPPING

Thanks Katheryne for the most amazing treatment – I must say I was a little sceptical as I had never heard of fire cupping before but I’m amazed how much improvement there has been in my knee! I have even slept better which is a bonus.

Avril Couchman Planterama Design Ltd

Cupping is the use of small round glass jars under suction. The air is removed from the cup by vacumn or heat, and then placed over an area to be treated.

By stimulating localised areas under the cups, or using different tecniques whole areas such as shoulders, back and legs can be treated. Suction locally pulls toxins from deep within the tissues to the surface and due to warmth and increased circulation, muscular tension and spasm are released. The circulation is stimulated so releasing toxic buildup.
The coloration from cupping dissipates from a few hours up to a week or so. Depending on the amount of stagnation this coloration varies from a light pink to dark purple, but it is usually a shade of red. Often tiny raised bumps will appear. Sometimes a clear fluid will be drawn to the surface. The more discoloration that surfaces – the greater level of stagnation and toxicity that is present, having very tight painful muscles for a long time, for example.

Who benefits from cupping?

Generally treatment by cupping is preferred when direct massage would be too painful, and spasm is present. Those involved in sports or fitness programmes with overtight muscles, in areas such as legs, and arms, and individuals who have aches and pains that are better for getting going feel great benefit from cupping.



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March 26th, 2015 at 6:35 pm

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